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Why We Are Unhappy With Our Mattress Service Standards

Why We Are Unhappy With Our Mattress Service Standards


You’d think that we’d be happy with our efforts to provide great service to our customers and mattress service standards. If we weren’t, then we’d change, wouldn’t we? We’d fix what we were unhappy with and then, hey presto! We’ve made it… This never happens.

As an organization and as a member of the local community in which we operate, we have a commitment to look after our customers. We want to make sure that they are not just satisfied with the products they purchase from us, but it is also our goal that they be amazed with our outstanding service.

It delights us when we hear our customers say something good about us and recommend us to their friends and family. However, we can’t allow this to get over our heads. We can’t let praise stop us from growth and continuous learning. At Relax Bedding, we’re constantly reviewing service standards and our offerings to our customers. We’re aware that we always need to improve, because otherwise complacency creeps in and standards slip.

We’re not afraid to learn new things that will improve systems, even if it means admitting that there are others who’ve been doing it better than us. It may annoy us but It keeps us focused, not allowing success to blind us from continuous improvement. Having said that, we work not to outdo our competitors but to make good on our promises to you, our customers.

Mediocrity, Not in Our Vocabulary

We’re unhappy with our mattress service standards because if we were ever happy with it we’d stand still and, in this fast paced world, that’s the same as being stagnant or worse still, going backwards. We’re unhappy because we have this burning passion to have the best standards of customer service in the industry, and that’s why we need to keep on reviewing and improving.

To be the best, it’s necessary to have commitment and determination. However, beating mediocrity and being the best does not necessarily mean simply looking at the opposition, it’s more so about focusing on learning and aiming to perform better than we are now. Of course, that doesn’t prevent us from studying the good stuff we can learn from other stores in the industry. But then again, we want to be ORIGINAL.


It’s Not All about Money

I guess you could say we believe our mission is noble, and no, it’s not just about earning profit. Our objective is to provide our customers the best buying experience, and improve and maintain excellent customer service. This is why we ask and challenge ourselves, “Why settle for just OK when we can WOW our customers to the point where our competitors are gawking at us?”

Bottom line – it is the CUSTOMER that we focus on, not the money but the happiness of the customer. Here’s the thing though, you know what we’ve found? We’ve found that by ensuring the customer’s needs are satisfied, and that they leave us feeling happy with the experience, they tell people and the money takes care of itself.

Maybe we are being a bit selfish but we will always be unhappy because we want you to be happy.