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Advice to Wives Whose Husbands Snore – A Perfect Mattress for A Couple

Advice to Wives Whose Husbands Snore – A Perfect Mattress for A Couple


Statistically, there will be three women to every man reading this post, for our sake we hope that’s accurate. I wouldn’t want the heading to drive a barrage of abuse from irate male readers. However, the bias in the headline is based on our experience while assisting couples looking to find a perfect mattress for couple.

As specialist mattress retailers, we often come across the issue of snoring and the effect this has on the couple’s relationship. The comments made usually indicate that more often than not, the husband is the culprit… the one that gets an elbow on the ribs or at least shaken, and often sent packing to the spare room (or anywhere else the sound can’t reach her) for the rest of the night.

Even the purchase of a kid’s mattress can evoke comments about it having to be of a standard that will also accommodate the wife. So turning a low-cost purchase designed to satisfy a limited time period of the child’s development, into an up-specced designed perfect mattress for couple to allow for the comfort of an occasional nightly visit from Mum. A mum who’s seeking sanctuary from loud deep throated vibrations that rattle the furnishings. (Not all the furnishings, we’re excluding a quality mattress purchased from us :-))

Despite our experiences, we are aware that the issue is not one-sided. Lifestyle habits of either partner can have an effect, so both males and females in a partnership can be to blame for the cause. Despite who does the snoring, both partners can be seriously affected in terms of their physical and mental well-being. Even the relationship itself can be put under stress. So we thought we’d research and find some common answers to alleviate or remove the problem. To find out what advice others have offered (with slight amendments), please read on…

Use this problem as an opportunity to team up, work together, and find a solution.

If therapy is needed for one partner, then do it together. Trying different remedies together to stop the snoring may improve the relationship. This is much better than seeking to find a solution elsewhere without the participation of the other spouse.

Why not wear earplugs?

This is the simplest advice you can give to the non-snorer who sleeps with a snoring spouse.

Consider humidifying your bedroom.

Sometimes dry air can cause snoring. If you are used to closing your windows when going to bed, why not try opening them up? If this is not feasible because of air conditioners or for security or other safety concerns, then consider using a humidifier. Cooler temperatures can make a difference.

Maybe it’s the pillow.

Poor head elevation when sleeping can prevent you from breathing properly. Sometimes, bunching up your pillows or raising the head of the bed so that you’re sleeping with your head raised higher than your feet can help make the snoring less severe. Even sleeping in an upright position stops snoring since some people tend to breathe better with their heads raised up completely. You may need to replace your pillow if your current one doesn’t allow for proper head elevation to open the airwaves when sleeping.

If sleeping in a separate room is unavoidable, make sure you still allow for time to get intimate.

One consequence of spouses not sleeping together is it deprives them of the occasion to make love. Depriving each other of these intimate moments can be damaging to the relationship and should be avoided. Getting a good night’s sleep is important to the relationship too – especially to each other’s health. However, sleeping in separate beds definitely shouldn’t mean the end of romantic passion.

Habitual snoring is a medical condition; therefore, sorting it out by visiting a medical practitioner is a must.

Snoring can be a symptom of a serious health condition, like sleep apnea, high blood pressure, or heart ailment. Most people who are overweight tend to snore more and louder Seeking help from the doctor may be something you need to do. They may suggest getting your weight under control in order to lessen or stop the snoring altogether. Sometimes allergies can be the culprit. In any case, a sleep doctor may be able to get to the root of the problem. Also, a quick search of the internet will show many devices claimed to help the issue so you may wish to investigate these for some more personalised answers.

Lastly… A perfect mattress for a couple is all that you need.

Remember, snoring is not a personal failing. It’s really not the fault of your partner if he or she snores. If and when your being affected by snoring don’t exacerbate your sleeplessness with an outburst of anger. Relationships work because two people talk it out with each other and find an answer together.