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Discover your perfect sleep with Relax Bedding

Our Malaga location is home to a huge selection of beds, bed frames and mattresses for every style and budget. With customer service as our top priority, we're here to guide you every step of the way, from selecting the ideal bed to seamless straight-to-your-bedroom home delivery.

At Relax Bedding, integrity is key. We don't compromise on quality to make a sale. With hundreds of beds tailored to diverse preferences, styles, and budgets, finding the right fit is effortless. And to ensure your absolute satisfaction, we stand behind our products with a 100 night money back comfort guarantee.

Plus, enjoy FREE METRO PERTH DELIVERY on orders over $299. Experience the difference with Relax Bedding - The Bedroom Experts

Why Choose Relax Bedding?

Bed Shops Perth

Welcome to Relax Bedding, your one-stop destination where comfort meets style. We take pride in being one of the most renowned Bed Shops in Perth. We sell top-quality mattresses, ensembles, bedroom furniture, and bedding and help you create the bedroom of your dreams. Dive into the world of uncompromised comfort and luxury that tailors to your unique needs and aesthetics.

Bedding Stores Perth :
Explore Our History & Journey

Relax Bedding sprouted its roots over twelve years ago, blossoming as an independent entity in Joondalup, further extending its branches with another store in Osborne Park, and subsequentlyrelocating to Mandurah in 2018. Our journey didn't stop there; we recently shifted our site from the Joondalup area to Exhibition Drive in Malaga. We are a local, family-owned business who values quality and customer satisfaction. Our story is one of growth, resilience, and an unstoppable pursuit of excellence, especially during challenging times for retailers.

Discover Our Exceptional Team

Our dedicated team of friendly bedroom experts boasts a combined bedding experience totalling 60 years. Their extensive knowledge and passion enable them to assist you in finding the perfect products that align with your desires and needs. We're not just another one of the Bedding Stores in Perth; we are your companions in building your ultimate relaxation space.

Dive into Our Diverse Range

Our shelves are adorned with diverse local, quality products crafted by esteemed Australian companies. While we import most of our bedroom furniture, we ensure that our suppliers are all recognised, reliable local companies, emphasising maintaining a network of trust and quality.

Flourish with Our Success

Our substantial expansion and growing success of Bed Shops in Perth resonates with our dedication to providing unmatched quality and service. It is a testament to our ability to compete and thrive, with satisfied customers and their invaluable referrals being the cornerstones of our achievements. We are immensely grateful to our clientele, whose continuous support propels us to new heights, allowing us to aid more individuals in realising the bedrooms they've been envisioning.

Stay Updated & Informed With Top-Quality Bedding Stores Perth

Be the first to know about our innovative new products and irresistible offers. Keep yourself updated and informed, and never miss an opportunity to grab the best deals and products. Did you know 26% of Australians complain that their partner makes the bed too hot? Stay enlightened with intriguing facts and tips, ensuring you and your loved ones enjoy an undisturbed, refreshing sleep!

Embrace a New Era of Comfort with Relax Bedding!

Embark on a journey with Relax Bedding and change your bedroom into a beautiful place of relaxation and tranquillity. Experience the warmth and comfort that only a premier Bedding Store in Perth can offer. We invite you to explore, experience, and envelop yourself in unparalleled luxury and comfort. Discover the Relax Bedding difference today and live the dream of serene, refreshing slumbers every night!

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Best Bedroom Fragrance & Scents for a Gloriously-Smelling Bedroom

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