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Reward Yourself by Taking Advantage of Our Superior Standards of Bedding

Reward Yourself by Taking Advantage of Our Superior Standards of Bedding


We offer the absolute best superior standards of bedding service any bed store in the whole world… wait! Make that the galaxy. No, we’re the best in the universe. We’re sure you’ve heard it all before.

Sure! You’ve likely heard it, but do you listen? If you do, do you believe it? Probably not, because every business, all stores, companies, and brand owners will normally claim or at the very least imply, that they are the “number 1” in the industry and that they provide the best service anyone can offer.

OK, so that’s a given. So it’ll come as no surprise when we also claim that WE are the best. Yes, even though we don’t always stack up against every single offer our competitors make (how’s that for marketing honesty). For example, we offer a 100 night comfort exchange guarantee on our mattresses but you can easily find a ‘Bed in a Box’ internet mattress supplier with a 120 night guarantee. So, what’s in our claim to be having superior service standards?

It’s all in the package, If you’re considering the purchase of a product sold by a bed/mattress store, then as you compare products and prices, we invite you to look closely and consider every service offered, compare it against every other offer you find. We’re confident you’ll agree that we’re offering more. You probably don’t have time to read all the terms and conditions (not many people do that) but, if you did, you would see the difference. That’s how the marketing guys work ― the big headline with the positives, but the devil is in the detail.

We also encourage our customers and would-be customers to give us their feedback. We desire that they participate and engage, not merely on the selection and buying part of their shopping journey, but also on the post-purchase experience.

Our service does not finish once you have purchased from us; we believe your whole bed purchasing experience should be a pleasurable and stress-free experience. The after-service should be as important as the quality of the bed itself.
So that’s why we try to maintain the highest customer service standards and why we aim to provide the optimum satisfaction to all our customers. We’re not just spouting the same old marketing messages. Read below and compare the offerings yourself. Then when you’re ready, drop-in at the store and experience our service.


If you find the same mattress advertised for less, Relax Bedding will refund the difference twice.
That is how confident we are. We know it’s difficult to compare, specially difficult in the case of mattresses. However, because we do not have franchise fees and other “big company” impositions, we can afford to sell for less. Also, we had the taxman examine us to find out why our gross profit was so much lower than the normal for the industry. The answer was simple – our prices are lower.


Relax Bedding is 100% Australian and we don’t belong to any franchise group.
Relax Bedding is 100% Australian owned, so you can be sure that when you buy from us, the products you get are Australian-made and your money goes to Australian hands, thereby helping your country’s economy.
Also, we do not belong to any franchise group. That’s why we are not tied to certain minimum quotas on sales. With such quotas in minds, franchisers become pushy with their would-be customers in order for them to close some sales and reach their quota. We are not like this.
We want to sell mattresses in a down to earth and honest way, ensuring that we treat our customers in the manner we would like to be treated ourselves. Quite simply, that is by providing non-pushy, relaxed and, honest-to-goodness customer service.


Relax Bedding is not IKEA; we will do the set-up for free.
We do not just deliver your mattress or ensemble; we will set it up for you. There’s no need to trouble yourself with removing plastic coverings, screwing in castors, or glides before you’re able to enjoy your new ensemble bed. We’ll do it all for you, setting up your bed in the room and position you desire.


Our excellence is certified by what our customers say.
Why and how do we claim that our service is done by experts? Simple, just take a browse of the many testimonials of our satisfied customers. What better accreditation and certification you can get than the reviews and comments of those who have experienced our outstanding service.


We want to provide you peace of mind when buying your mattress; It’s impossible to make the wrong choice at Relax Bedding.
No one else offers this kind of guarantee. We have been offering an exchange guarantee since we started this business. Initially it was for 30 nights after receipt of the mattress; and now it is a “no questions asked full 100 night money back” guarantee. Because we understand the selection problems, we felt that this is the way to be fair and provide proper customer service.
Based on our experience in retail, almost all exchanges were made in the first couple of weeks after purchase. Yet, we also know that it can take a little while for your body and mind to adjust to the feel of the new mattress. Please read the conditions on how to avail of the 100 Night Money Back Guarantee.



We want to exceed your expectations so we also offer a cheap delivery service fee.
If you live in the Northern Suburban or Mandurah area (which makes up the majority of our orders) we charge a low-cost delivery fee of $40. To know more about our delivery service, read our delivery information page.


We don’t just deliver, we can take that old mattress away from you.
When we deliver your mattress or ensemble, if you wish, we will also take the old one away from you for only $25 and a low-cost fee of $10 for base removal. We suggest that you do avail of this service because, if you decide to remove it by yourself, make sure you have a bulk rubbish collection in your house or ask if your local council are willing to take it.



We bedroom shopping easy with interest free terms.
We want our customers to always have a great experience when shopping with us. We have a variety of financing systems that will facilitate your transaction. Free yourself from payment headaches and make use of our easy payment systems.

 So there you have it…

Our superior standards of bedding service make us always say to our customers, “Simply choose your bed and leave the rest to us.”