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Why People Find Buying a Mattress Confusing

Why People Find Buying a Mattress Confusing

Shopping for a mattress in Perth is not as simple as going to the store and saying to yourself that the first item you spot will be the one when you are shopping for a mattress in Perth. No, it is not a “love at first sight” kind of thing. The “eeny meeny miny moe” technique will not work either. However, you can relax with the proper guidance and advice from a mattress and bedding expert. You can be assured that you will not regret choosing and buying that mattress which is suitable for your needs and budget.

Of course, it is always good that you consult the experts in person, such as the staff at Relax Bedding. However, prior to going to the store to search for your perfect mattress, there are things that you may want to think about. Say no more, we have taken the pleasure of putting up some pointers for consideration.

When shopping for a mattress, there are a number of important questions you may need to ask yourself.



Should I get a firmer or softer mattress; what do health professionals recommend?

Forget the old “The firmer the better” saying. Get the one that fits you. Health professionals recognise that you need sufficient support to maintain normal healthy spinal alignment and to avoid pressure points on your body.

How do I compare offerings between one shop and another?

This is an important but very difficult question. You can find different names and prices in stores even when the mattress has the same components, so you would have to make note of the build of the mattress from the information on display. While this is unsatisfactory it is unfortunately the only way you can truly compare mattresses to ensure you’re getting value for money. Consider taking a pic of the mattress detail and price to compare from store to store.

Will the mattress feel as good at home as I remember it from the store?

Providing it is the same mattress, the answer is yes, it should. However, you may find the new one initially to be slightly firmer than the display model.

What happens if it turns out that I cannot get a proper night’s sleep?

Some stores will allow you to exchange it (not a problem at all). But just be careful with the exchange terms. You may need to ask them, “Will it be at the full R.R.P. (recommended retail price) although it was bought on a sale? Will they load up the pick-up and delivery charges?”

How long will it last?

It depends on the quality and how much usage it gets. Statistically speaking, it should get replaced every 8 years. If in case it does become defective, you are entitled to have it repaired – subject to the terms of the guarantee.

Will the sales staff be in my face and maybe push me to the wrong bed?

This is always a potential problem. In the end, you as the customer have the last say; your choice should always be determined by your needs and budget. For more tips on this concern, read our article entitled Things You Are Probably Unaware about the Bedding Industry.”

Will I pay too much for the mattress / ensemble?

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to compare mattresses and their relative prices. You can try to compare by the specifications. However, the best recommendation is to find a retailer you trust who will make sure you are happy with the comfort and pricing.

How will I get it home?

Pick-up is available from most stores and all stores offer some form of delivery service. You just need to check the cost, some have inflated prices.

How will I get the mattress and ensemble set-up at home?

It is not too difficult to set up a mattress and ensemble base. Some stores, for your convenience, will do it for you free of charge once they deliver them to your house.

What happens to my old mattress; how do I dispose of it?

If you need it removed and you do not have a bulk rubbish collection coming soon or another arrangement with the council for pickup, you will either have to take it to the tip yourself (make sure your local council will take it) or find a store that offers a removal service. Just check to see if they charge and ask how much the additional service will be.

On a final note…

Yes, there are indeed lots of points to take into consideration and you need to think about them prior to your actual buying because it is easy to make a mistake; either you end up with the wrong bed or pay too much for it. However, the most important consideration of all is to find the bed that allows you to get a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep – the one that will let you doze off soundly and wake refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

So make sure you test them properly by relaxing in your normal sleeping position for a minimum of three minutes. That is really still not enough time to ensure it is a good fit; that is why the return guarantee policy of the store is vitally important.