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Bring the Children with You when You Drop by Our Stores

Bring the Children with You when You Drop by Our Stores

 When buying for children bed mattresses one of the things parents ask themselves when they go shopping is, “Where do we leave the children?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the kids are a nuisance. We love the little treasures, but sometimes we can get things done better when they’re not around and we can focus on what we’re doing.

So, what’s the solution? How do we free ourselves from those sometimes adorable sometimes mischievous but always precious little creatures? We could hire a babysitter; yes, that’s a definite possibility – but requires being organised beforehand and involves costs as well. What about Mum or another family member? That’s even better and probably a safer option that may give you more peace of mind. But what if they’ve all got other arrangements? Then we’re back to scratch! Mmmm…

Here’s an idea! Take them with you. Yeah, that’s right, just bring them along. I know what you’re thinking – you can’t shop properly when they’re with you. You have to watch what they’re up to; you can’t concentrate etc. And that’s true in a lot of cases, but not if you’re shopping in our bed stores, because we welcome them.



So Why Are We Happy if You Bring Your Children with You?

Some shopping centres have facilities for looking after children; some are free and some you pay for – but that’s in a shopping centre. Furniture stores don’t generally have a section for the children, but that is something we’re proud to offer. We believe that in order to ensure you have a more relaxed (pardon the pun) shopping experience and friendly customer service, we provide you…


The Children’s Corner – Children Bed Mattress

Here’s the thing about bed shops: You may think you’re walking into a room full of mattresses but most of the younger kids’ eyes light up because all they see is a room full of beautiful “trampolines.” And that’s one of the reasons both ours stores in Joondalup and Mandurah have designated children’s corners.

With a little encouragement or possibly a bribe with a lolly, they can be directed to the play area. Perched in their own little haven, kids can watch cartoons, pretend to be rock stars, play with a selection of other toys, or perhaps draw on some awesome colouring in our sketching books. Based on some of the younger kids’ sketches, we have many budding Leonardo Da Vinci’s

While the kids are temporarily settled in the children’s corner, you can take the pressure off a little, try out the mattresses or check out furniture or other products. Instead of worrying about them bouncing from mattress to mattress, you can relax and test the mattresses properly.

You’ll have a better chance of choosing the best product the first time around, although if you’re mattress shopping, you’ll get a 100 night money back guarantee anyway. In any event, it’s also a win-win solution for us because it potentially reduces our cleaning bills and all for all for the sake of a few square metres’ floor space. ?

So, what are you waiting for? Come on, bring the family with you and Relax Bedding at Joondalup and Mandurah.