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Should You Buy an Imported Mattress?

Should You Buy an Imported Mattress?

Let’s look at some of the important factors for consideration before buying imported mattress..

Are they of inferior quality?

Most imported mattresses coming into Australia are from China. Externally, they may appear to be excellent. However, the real quality is in the hidden components built into the mattress.

As we have discussed in previous articles, it can be very difficult for a customer to determine the quality of their potential mattress purchase. Different foams including memory foam and latex have different qualities and are used to provide different effects like firmness, softness, support, etc. Nonetheless, the different levels of quality of these foams also need to be considered.

It is important to note that, although products made in China have been generally recognised for their slightly inferior quality, Chinese manufacturers can produce higher quality products. But the real question for the mattress buyer is what is inside the imported mattress they are looking to purchase. While the quality of an imported mattress can be equally as good as a locally made mattress, more often than not it is not up to the same standard.

Is the quality of production consistent?

One of the overriding factors in Relax Bedding’s decision to sell only locally-made mattresses is the problem associated with maintaining a consistent mattress product. Variations in the quality of foams and factors such as off-gassing of foams ( removing any chemical smells) can be an issue.

Because we offer a 100 Day money back guarantee on a mattresses, it is of utmost importance that we are closely aware of production quality and consistency. We achieve this by dealing with long-term local manufacturers who have proven the quality of their products over the years. Imported mattresses may have quality built-in to them, but it will not be consistent enough for us to take the risk.

Are imported mattress cheaper than Australian made mattresses?

During our recent economic downturn in Australia (especially in Western Australia), there has been a tendency to sell products at the lowest possible price in order to capture customers who are very wary of how much they have to spend. Accordingly, cheaper mattress imports have become quite common. They may appear to be of better value, due to a puffed up appearance, but they do not always stand the test of time.

Efficiencies of scale in China combined with the lower cost of labour allow a mattress of equal quality to be at a substantially cheaper price, but the cost of shipping transportation and duties tend to reduce most of the benefits.

Are we putting Australians out of jobs by buying them?

The short answer is obviously yes. The thing is, we live in a global society and we are all becoming used to purchasing goods from various parts of the world with little consideration to any potential effect upon Australia. For instance, almost all our furniture is now imported and we have become accustomed to such.

We have accepted the fact that to get the lower price we want, or that we can afford, we cannot buy locally-made furniture, even if we can find it. However, in that example, there is a substantial price difference, not so much with mattresses. As aforementioned, the difference is not so substantial.


The final note…


We believe each mattress brand is different and unique, as previously noted. The difference is not as substantial and notwithstanding the other reasons mentioned above. Yet. we at Relax Bedding are proud to be able to support our local suppliers, help secure jobs to more of our countrymen, and provide higher quality products to our customers.