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Sleeping with Someone? Here Are Some Sleeping Tips

Sleeping with Someone? Here Are Some Sleeping Tips

It is no surprise that sleeping together is an important way for couples to feel connected. Yet, while many partners can live together happily, sleeping side by side is a different story. A study shows that on average, one in three people say the sleep problems of their partners negatively impact their own quality of sleep. If your partner’s sleeping style tempts you to move out of your room and sleep on the sofa, here are some tips that may be worthwhile heeding if you want to bring harmony back to the bedroom – and into your relationship. Here are some sleeping tips:

Problem #1 – Your partner has a habit of kicking while sleeping.

Make sure your bed gives each person adequate room to sleep. If you are sharing a double mattress, here is a fact you might not know. This enlightening fact will help you to sleep as soundly as a baby in a crib: Couples should share a mattress no smaller than queen-size!

Problem #2 – Your partner snores, keeping you up at night.

Because snoring can be part of a serious health issue, consult your physician first. If your partner’s snoring is run-of-the-mill, try investing in anti-snore pillows, sprays, or nasal strips designed to help people breathe more easily.

These products often alleviate the effects of the disorder. If your partner’s snoring persists, try foam earplugs before you try sleeping in a different room.

Problem #3 – Your partner tosses and turns.

The problem could be your mattress itself. If your mattress is uncomfortable, it can lead to restless sleep. Evaluate the comfort and support of your mattress every five to seven years. If you find that it is indeed the culprit, replace your mattress.

Problem #4 – Your partner loves to cuddle, but you like your space while you sleep.

Compromise. Before falling asleep, spend some time snuggling together – and then agree to sleep apart.

Problem #5 – Your sleep schedules do not match.

Try finding a bedtime that works for both of you. If your partner turns in early and you are a night owl, try reading a book with a personal book lamp until you’re ready to nod off. If you are an early riser compared to your partner, be considerate when you wake up, keep overhead lights off and use minimal lighting while your partner is sleeping.

Problem #6 – Your bedroom feels more like an office than a place to sleep.

Repeat after me: Your bedroom should only be used for sleep and sex. Keep work, laptops, phones, and televisions out of the bedroom. If you do that, then you create a much more relaxing – and romantic –atmosphere. This will give both of you a better night’s sleep.

What if Your Partner Likes It HOT?

Bedroom temperature is a big issue in many relationships. Ideally, your bedroom should be cool, around 18 degrees Centigrade. But if your partner prefers the heat, here are some simple adjustments:

  • Double-fold the blankets so there is more coverage on one side.
  • Invest in a dual-control electric blanket or a single-size electric blanket for one side.

Not satisfied with your sleeping experience after following the sleeping tips?

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