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Weird Sleeping Habits of Great Men and Women

Weird Sleeping Habits of Great Men and Women

The normal sleeping pattern for humans should be 8 hours each night. Doctors and health experts all agree to that! However, if you are thinking that well-known successful people have great sleeping habits, then you are dead mistaken. Many of them have bad sleeping habits, either deliberately or due to some disorders they endure such as insomnia and sleep paralysis.

Famous people in the past and present who had a hard time getting a good night’s rest utilised some usual items found at home as remedies for their sleeping disorders. Some of which were not really recommendable, though, like what happened to the renowned artist Vincent Van Goh who thought camphor could cure his insomnia – so he took it regularly which eventually lead to his early demise.

So if 8 hours should be our regular sleeping pattern to get a well-maintained health for our overall wellbeing, how come these people got so famous and successful? Napoleon Bonaparte slept for 4 hours only and Leonardo Da Vinci was a polyphasic sleeper (a practice of sleeping multiple times within the duration 24 hours – wow, we bet lots of people would want that if they have a chance).

Their bad sleeping habits had nothing to do with their success in their particular fields. The thing is, some of them were able to function for many days without getting enough sleep. Even with this situation, they had accomplished great things and were able contribute their discoveries and inventions for the benefit of humanity. As experts on relaxation, we do not recommend that you sleep less – a good night’s sleep is very essential to your overall health and wellness.

So who the heck are these great men and women from the past and present with weird sleeping habits? See this infographic below, courtesy of Hristina Nikolovska and DisturbMeNot.co.