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Why You Should Be Naked in Bed

Why You Should Be Naked in Bed

Are you in the “Bare is Better” camp? When discussing the benefits of potential sleeping partners, i.e. a new mattress to our clients, we hear lots of comments about people’s sleeping preferences. However, we seldom hear comments about what, if anything, is the preferred night time attire. So we decided to do a bit of investigation.

Firstly, we found there’s a whole industry around sleepwear: nighties, pajamas, set robes, and even bras. They are apparently designed to lift while you sleep — all presented as the best clothes to wear for a restful sleep. Whether this is true is up for debate, and there are those who say nothing at all is the best way to go.

Those who prefer to go naked have a few things going for them. Your body cools down as part of your sleep cycles to keep you in deep sleep mode, which is the most important part of the cycle. Wearing clothes to bed may prevent that cool down from happening, thereby disturbing the natural temperature adjustment which can then lead to sleepless nights.

For both sexes, it’s known to be better for your bottom regions to avoid anything tight. Studies have shown women need aeration to keep healthy down there, and that constricting underwear for men could lower sperm count.

Skipping underwear, or even pajama bottoms, can lead to a healthier body. It might even help you lose weight and prevent heart disease or diabetes. A warm sleeping environment can impede the release of human growth hormones, which helps us burn fat, repair tissue, build muscle, as well as help to prevent ageing.

For many people, it’s just simply sexier to bare all; many who sleep naked feel better about themselves, and it can add closeness (literally) between partners. Skin on skin contact releases oxytocin, a happy-feeling hormone that comes from cuddling and keeps people feeling close to one another. The less clothes you wear to bed, the better your relationship can be.


So, is wearing clothes in bed bad for you? Absolutely not! While there are potential benefits of sleeping with less clothing, and if you can maintain the correct body temperature and achieve a comfortable environment (on one of our quality mattresses of course), you’ll definitely have a restful and refreshing good night’s sleep. Generally speaking, if you wear something, go for loose, light, and not a lot. As a final word to all the lovers, next time you hop into bed, consider getting undressed in a different way — perhaps all the way. It just might revolutionise your night!