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Home Comforts for You This ‘Covid’ Period

Home Comforts for You This ‘Covid’ Period

This CoViD-19 thingy has put us in a situation wherein we want (or need) to stay at home. Yeah, even work nowadays has to adapt – lucky for you if your employer allows you to work from home! Certainly better than being unemployed. Having a home comfort mattress this pandemic is perfect experience of working from home.

So apart from work what else can you do if you’re at home all day? Well, there’s always the household chores or other tasks around the house! But what, you might ask, can you do for some entertainment? You could also be doing some exercise – your body certainly needs that. There’s the TV, radio, and the Internet – there are a variety of media options that you can use to entertain yourself at home. Of course, you can also read books and good literature, if you’re into that kind of thing (you should be into that kind of thing).

 When you’ve done all of the above and it’s time to rest for a while, where do you go? You probably head for the sofa – of course, you can lie down and rest on your sofa. But don’t forget – your bed is just waiting in the room to comfort you!

Some people have radios and/or TVs set up in their bedroom (not recommended) and others will lie back with a good book, magazine, or even watch a movie on their tablet or phone. Laying back in bed is something lots of people are doing more frequently in these “quarantine” times.

So if you’re spending more time in the “comforts” of your bed, you’ll likely notice more of the finer details of your bedroom and your home comfort mattress in particular. You now might be asking yourself how comfortable your mattress really feels.

Your perfect mattress, the one that makes you feel really comfortable, is the one that fits you… the one that conforms better to your body weight and size and avoids pressure points as much as possible. In addition, it could be the one that keeps you unaware of the movements of your partner… with the exception of the times you’re looking for movement intimacy.


So how do you achieve that? If you think your current mattress is no longer comfortable, here’s some things you may want to consider when shopping for a new one.

Partner disturbance – If you’re trying to avoid being disturbed when one partner moves or gets out of bed consider a pocketed coil spring system or a non spring option like Latex, memory foam, or Hydroflex foams. They all minimise movement across the mattress

Size – Take into account the size especially the height and also the body weights of both people who will sleep on it. Remember someone who sleeps on their back or stomach doesn’t have the option of pulling up their legs or sleeping in the foetal position. Also, make sure the length is OK.

Firmness – There are very few rules here. Test various mattresses to be sure. However, be aware of the following:

  • Sleeping on your tummy is not ideal. It means the softer the mattress, the more you increase the arch in your lower back. So if that’s your position of preference, generally speaking, the firmer the better.
  • If you like to sleep on your side, try the 5 zone spring systems as these are designed to allow for your shoulders to sink in more, helping to keep your spine straight. But then again, test out a large range of different types.
  • Sleeping on your back means you can go softer without putting pressure on the muscles around your spine. Conversely, in this posyion a very firm mattress potentially lacks lower back support. Make sure you test the mattress properly.

Couples with firmness preferences that cannot be compromised should look for a supplier who has mattresses with an option to vary the firmness on each side. Remember, though, your favourite side for sleeping will change when you rotate the mattress.

Check it properly – This is the most important thing for you to do.

  • Go to a retailer with a large range of mattresses with different types and different feels.
  • If you have a partner, both should lie on the mattress at the same time. Make sure you’re both happy, bearing in mind the partner disturbance and all the other  previous considerations.
  • After general testing and making a final selection, lie on the mattress again. Make sure you are as relaxed as possible. Close your eyes and try to imagine yourself lying in bed at home, and then lie there for at least a couple of minutes. If you relax properly, your body will tell you if it’s good for you

If you are like most of us  planning or forced to spend more time at home for one reason or another  then perhaps you need to consider some HOME COMFORT. Our range of mattresses include various components designed to provide different levels of support and comfort for everyone, and all at reduced sale prices.

These comfort products will give you some welcome savings relief.  You will get a range of locally made quality mattresses and ensembles at great prices  and also a whole lot of other genuine benefits to help you make the decision to buy a new mattress easy.

Plus, we have a few little presents to spoil you  the Soft Microfibre Sheet Set and Tontine Pillows will be something  beneficial in the cold nights and the bottle of Margaret River wine and box of chocolates will top it off. This Comfort Promotion will end Sunday 7 May, and they’re for free.