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Going about Getting the Best Bed for You and Your Specific Requirements

Going about Getting the Best Bed for You and Your Specific Requirements

Most people go shopping for their new mattress every 8-10 years and mattresses have evolved a lot by that time. They have no idea what to look for, what may be best for them, how long it should last, and what they can get for their money et cetera.

They are probably confident that they will be able to tell which mattresses feel better than others. That is the main thing about buying a mattress, but it is not the whole story. After all, without being able to see inside and without knowing what the different components will do or how durable they are, how can they be sure the bed structure will do what they want it to do?

Worry no more! We take the pleasure of elaborating the simple yet incredibly effective ways to ensure that you get the best bed for your requirements, which will allow you to get a refreshing and healthy night’s sleep.


Imagine This – Your Mum Is the Salesperson

Imagine you are buying a mattress and your mum is the salesperson. She is not only the best mum in the world but she is also a trained mattress expert. She is very knowledgeable about all the benefits and drawbacks of the various components that go to make up modern mattresses. And, of course, she has your best interest at heart.

She is going to make sure that you receive proper advice based upon your needs. By following her guidelines, you will test the ones she thinks will be best to meet your requirements. And as mums do, she will make sure you test it properly. You would be relaxed with that because you trust your mum.

Now, if you know your salesperson has similar values and similar levels of experience and knowledge of the different types of mattresses, although not your mum, then he/she has good reasons to ensure you get the best bed. You certainly will be happy.

Our salespeople will be your stand-in-mum (yeah, even the dudes), because we desperately want you to get your ideal mattress. We really do care, but we also cannot afford for you to make the wrong choice. We have built our business on providing excellent customer service and getting referrals from customers. That, however, is not the only reason we cannot afford you to choose the wrong item.

Allow us to explain to you the mattress selection process.


What Happens When You Come Into The Store?

1. We will ask a couple of basic questions regarding your preferences including your budget.

2. You may have to test some mattresses to determine the firmness or softness level you prefer.

3. Based upon your criteria, we will direct you to selected ones we think will meet your requirements for you to try out.

4. We will likely make some suggestions to ensure you try it out properly.

5. You will sample as many mattresses as you deem necessary to find the ones that feel comfortable and supportive.

6. You will be provided necessary information about the makeup of the mattresses and potential benefits or downsides as you go, including prices.

7. Once you have found a mattress that fits your necessities, we will ask you (and your partner, if he/she is with you) to lie on the bed in your normal sleeping position for about 3 minutes.

8. During this time, you will be encouraged to relax (take a deep breath) to properly allow you to feel the level of support your body should get from the mattress.

9. For the final step and once you have made sure it still feels comfortable and supportive, without any pressure points particularly shoulders, you will confirm with us that it is still good as it was when you initially liked it.



Going back to the point about the other reason we cannot afford to let you choose wrongly, we are running a business and our business depends so much on customers’ satisfaction. We surely do not want to taint our reputation because of that. To ensure that such is the case, we have a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee. Check this page out to see what it is all about.