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Big Brand Feature – Slumbercare

Big Brand Feature – Slumbercare

At Relax Bedding, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products so we thought we’d give you a quick look into one of Australian’s top mattress brands – Slumbercare. As we are currently running a fantastic promotion in conjunction with them, it is only fitting that this issue of ‘Relaxing Insights’ features Slumbercare and its mother company, Slumbercorp.

From humble beginnings, Slumbercare started manufacturing beds in 1995. They began with a mission in mind – to harness cutting-edge technology to provide customers with innovative products that create a great sleep experience. Through the years, they have never ceased offering quality and comfort to the many users of their products, and due to their fine workmanship and quality materials, they have been recognised with numerous awards.

Slumbercare was the first and remains one of the major product brands of Slumbercorp, a fully family owned business operating right here in Western Austalia. So you can be sure that whenever you purchase their products, you not only help the Australian economy but you also aid in securing the jobs of thousands of Australian citizens.

The Mother Company

Over the years, Slumbercorp manufacturing outputs have greatly increased. Yet, their primary goal remains to establish brand loyalty through their extraordinary relationships with suppliers like us and our clients. They maintain their reputation of being a trusted bed manufacturer, by ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest and developing trends in bedding technology and investigate anything that may improve the entire business operation.

What Makes Slumbercare Stand-Out

Slumbercare, with its mother company Slumbercorp, recognises and has a clear understanding of the needs of retailers like Relax Bedding and the congruent needs of our clients  They focus not only on manufacturing excellent products but also in providing consumers with the best buying experience and improving and maintaining good customer service – a motto which matches our own vision and mission.

Join the Many Australians Who Enjoy Slumbercare Each Night

Even if you have poor sleeping habits or are stressed throughout the day, we have a large variety of Slumbercare mattresses ensuring there’s one just right for you. At Relax Bedding, our focus is to fit you into the best mattress to suit your individual needs, one that will allow you to experience a more comfortable and re-invigorating sleep. Come to Relax Bedding stores in Joondalup and Mandurah; our mattress experts are ready to help. But hurry – ALL Slumbercare mattresses are currently HALF PRICE, click here for the details.

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