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Natural Touch Firm Mattress

  • 5 zone pocket spring for spinal alignment
  • Gel-infused latex for ventilation and support
  • Natural bamboo quilt cover for a more natural sleeping surface
  • Health-Guard treated high-density foam to inhibit mold and bacteria
  • Firm comfort level
  • No-turn non-pillowtop design
  • Australian-made by Slumbercare
  • 10-year guarantee
$89000 AUD $1,79500 AUD
The 5 zone pocket spring support system allows correct spinal alignment by supporting the heaviest part of any sleeper's body, the lower back, and the lumbar area. A slightly gentler center zone allows the support system to contour to the body shape. Minimizes sleeping partner disturbance and individual movement control offers maximum comfort to the body. Avoid that "roll-out-of-bed" feeling with the foam box surround which gives excellent edge support. Conforms to the body shape while being self-ventilating and allergy-free with the Gel-infused Latex Comfort. A more natural healthy sleeping surface using a wool quilt layer and a luxurious natural bamboo fabric cover. Provides optimal support and a firmer feel with high-density foam comfort layers. Australian made by Slumbercare with a 10 Year Guarantee.
  • WA Made By Slumbercare
  • 5 Zone Pocket Spring
  • Layer Of Gel Infused Latex
  • Health-Guard Treated High-Density Foam to inhibit mold & bacteria
  • Wool Comfort Layer
  • Natural Bamboo Quilt Cover
  • No Turn Non-Pillowtop
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Usually available within 7 working days 
  • Pickup available from our Malaga store 
  • Free shipping within Metropolitan Perth 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jack Thompson
Quality for Top-Notch Zzz's

The craftsmanship is just top-notch 💯. The wool comfort layer keeps me cozy, and the gel-infused latex provides fantastic support. An absolute winner for a bonzer sleep experience!

Got mine from the Malaga store.

Ruby McKenzie
It's the bee's knees!

The foam box edging keeps me from rolling around, and the pillowtop design gives it that extra cushy feel 😎.
I rest easy knowing it's free from any unwanted critters with its health-guard-treated foam.

Plus Brian gave us a deal we cannot refuse. Thanks Brian! 😉♥

Liam O'Connor
Like sleepin' on a cloud

This mattress' pocket spring system provides superb support, and the gel-infused latex and wool comfort layer make it feel like sleepin' on a cloud.

The natural bamboo quilt cover adds a touch of just enough freshness. A true blue mattress for a ripper night's sleep!