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Mattress Care Guide

Mattress Care Guide

Extend the life of your mattress

Mattresses last around 10 years, however, there are a few simple steps you can take to extend the life of your mattress.

Maintaining your mattress and bedding will help you to eliminate dust mites or other contaminants, reduce body impressions and other problems which can spoil your slumber.

Ensuring that your sleeping setup is well-maintained will give you extra years of value from your purchase and may also improve the quality of your sleep. Here are some helpful mattress care guide tips to extend the life of your mattress.

Setting up your mattress

A new mattress will arrive wrapped in plastic so you can be sure that you’re getting a new product. Before you wrap it up in sheets and covers, Leave it for a while to let it air out properly.

Ensure you have proper support for your mattress. An ensemble base or bed frame will provide lasting durability and add years to the life of your new mattress.

Use a mattress protector to help keep it safe from dust mites, accidental spills and bodily fluids such as sweat. An effective cover that is washed and replaced regularly can take away a significant amount of the mess that causes mattress wear.


Mattress Care

As with a lot of things, prevention is easier than cure when it comes to keeping your mattress in tip-top shape.

To make sure your mattress retains its shape don’t bend, fold, or drag your mattress. Unless it was specially made to fold or roll, it most likely has a border wire inside that shouldn’t be bent.

This means you should avoid bending the mattress when fitting sheets or moving it around corners. Avoid sitting on the edge or bouncing on it – this will wear the support structures much faster.

To spread the load and make sure areas aren’t worn down faster than others and rotate the mattress regularly.

If possible, the mattress should be turned side to side and also top to toe. However, some mattresses can’t be flipped and therefore should be rotated more consistently


Mattress Cleaning

An easy time to flip or rotate your mattress is while you’re washing the bed sheets. Changing your sheets every 1-2 weeks is important, as washing them in hot water kills dust mites that may migrate into your mattress.

A typical mattress contains thousands of dust mites. Dust mites feed off dead skin cells and are not harmful except to those with allergies or asthma, which can be triggered by a heavy presence. The best way to control their presence is by vacuuming your mattress and pillows.

Using a high-powered vacuum and rubbing the head over the surface of your mattress will loosen and remove and lingering dust mites or floating contaminants.

If your mattress smells, the most common solution is to sprinkle it with baking soda, as it is a natural deodorizer which you can vacuum off afterwards.

Most smells come from moisture in stains from spills or bodily fluids. These things can encourage bacteria growth, so it’s important to clean up spills immediately. Clean any stains with a mild detergent and avoid any harsh chemicals which may affect the fibres of your mattress.

After any cleaning let your mattress breathe. Sleeping and sweating on your bed overnight can build up an odour that can be removed by pulling down the covers and exposing the mattress to fresh air.


Living with your mattress

When you go for a well-earned break or holiday, let your mattress have one too; strip it down and air it out while you’re away, so it feels as refreshed as you.

Pets and kids are a part of life, but even clean pets roll around outside and shed skin cells just like us. Keep pets and kids off the bed to keep it clean and extend its life by protecting it from any unnecessary wear.

Dirt and other contaminants are not what you want to be breathing while getting your eight hours in. Your mattress and pillow should provide full comfort and support to enable you to get a quality sleep.

With over 60 years of combined experience in the bedding retail industry, our team of experts at Relax Bedding are dedicated to helping you get exactly what you want.

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