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Memory Foam Acupressure Pillow- Winner Best in Europe 2018, 2019, 2020

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Full Description


White Lotus Acupressure Pillow

Made to European rather than Asian standards the White Lotus Pillow for Acupressure is the premium product currently available on the market. Hand made using memory foam, food grade plastic spikes, no allergenic dyes and an avoidance of toxic glues. It is in a different league to those commonly found in the market.

The pillow benefits from a full 5 year guarantee on all materials.

It is designed by acupuncturists to effectively apply acupressure where it is most needed.

The White Lotus Acupressure mat which accompanies this pillow has won Best Acupressure mat 2016, 2017 & 2018 and 2019, 2020 on Kaufberater

These awards are well known in Germany and are similar to Choice Magazine product reviews. The mats were judged on quality of materials, design of the plastic spikes and after sales customer service.

Learn more about the award winning White Lotus Acupressure mat and the Acupressure Mat and Pillow set.

Acupressure Pillow Benefits

Acupressure pillows can help relieve stress, reduce pain in the area and may improve sleep. They do this by stimulating the acupressure points located along the base of the head and neck. In doing so it increases blood flow and mimics the therapeutic effects of an acupressure massage.

Other benefits of the Acupressure Mat and acupressure pillow include, regulation of endorphins to raise energy levels, lessen stress, improve sleep, relax muscles and reduce shoulder and neck pain. It is also the ideal acupressure pillow for headaches. (1,2).

acupressure pillow

The White Lotus acupressure massage pillow

Compared to other acupressure neck pillows the White Lotus model is the best acupressure pillow available on the market because -

•MORE EFFECTIVE – The acupressure pillow has almost 2,000 spikes on its surface. Specifically created to raise endorphins to improve your energy levels, stress, poor sleeping, tense muscles, head/neck aches and pain.

•BIGGER - Made to fit European body standards so it has a better coverage for your head for better effect. The Acupuncture pillow is 28 x 24 cm. Please note the difference to the small roll pillow designed to reduce shipping costs rather than to benefit their customers

•SAFER - Spikes made from food grade plastic not sun sensitive ABS plastic. No glue is used in the attachment of the spikes eliminating all potential poisons. Non-allergenic dyes are used to dye cotton.

•MORE COMFORTABLE - The only acupressure pillow that was created with our unique memory foam to better adjust to the individual contours of your neck and head.

•MORE ETHICAL - 100% European materials and employees.

The White Lotus Euro Acupressure Pillow is the first acupressure pillow designed specifically for European customers. It is made completely in the EU from local materials and meets strict EU standards.

EU quality standards are different from Asian standards for acupuncture pillows. This is the only acupressure pillow that has memory foam to fit your neck and head contours.

The pillow spikes are made from plastic of the food grade, instead of ABS plastics. ABS plastics can use toxic glues to fix them to the cotton. It is the ultimate acupressure pain relief neck pillow.

The acupressure pillow and mat were designed originally in the 70’s in Russia after extensive research. And it was used for a large spectrum of illnesses and conditions. Studies show that it is effective due to regulation of the body endorphins. It can be used at home to simply and effectively improve all aspects of your life.

Acupressure pillows allow you to relive muscle tension, provide neck pain relief and improve relaxation and sleep easily and affordably at home. Looked after properly the acupressure pillow should last you years and save you thousands on pressure point massage or acupuncture.

acupressure pillow how to use

Acupressure Pillow - How to Use?

  1. Simply place the pillow on the floor.
  2. It is best used with the acupressure mat but can be used alone.
  3. Lie with your head resting comfortably on the pillow.
  4. It is best placed against your bare skin and hair.
  5. The pillow is curved to better support the neck so make sure it is positioned comfortably for you.
  6. Lie on the pillow for about 20 minutes once a day.
  7. It is usually best done at night as you will most likely feel sleepy afterwards.
  8. It is not unusual to fall asleep on the acupressure pillow. If this happens regularly it may be worth setting an alarm to remind you to go to bed.
  9. The pillow can be used daily on an ongoing basis.

This is a simple explanation of how to use the acupressure pillow. You can also watch the instructional video we have created for you.

Go ahead and treat yourself to the best acupressure pillow on the market.

Scientific References

  1. Zilberter, T. & Roman, J. (1999). Reflexo-Therapy With Mechanical Skin Stimulation: Pilot Study, Community Wholistic Health Center, Carrboro, North Carolina.
  2. Hohmann, C, 1.,et al.. (2012). The benefit of a mechanical needle stimulation pad in patients with chronic neck and lower back pain: two randomized controlled pilot studies. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med.
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