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Choosing the perfect mattress

Tips to choosing the perfect mattress

By following these simple guidelines

you can ensure you’re not being guided to something the salesperson prefers you to buy, you’ll better understand your physical requirements, and avoid choosing the wrong mattress. That could lead to years of regret.


A comparison of  5 National Franchise Groups policies, including the 3 major companies and 'Relax Bedding'
The information below is based on policies as stated on the websites of the relative bedding companies as of Sept 2023. 
Policy Forty winks Bedshed Snooze BedsnDreams Sleepys Relax Bedding
Exchange provided Limited to 2 brands YES NONE NONE YES ✅ YES
Guarantee applies to all mattresses NO YES

Min. try out time 30 Days 30 Days

14 Days ✅ 30 Days
Max try out time 90 Days 60 Days

60 Days ✅ 100 Days
Money Back available NO NO

Money back for cheaper Replacemant NO NO

Exchanges charged at Full Rec.Ret.Price NO YES 

YES (see note) ✅ NO
Can be exchanged for different brand NO YES

Can exchange more than once NO NO

NO ✅ YES (see note)
Can change for a different mattress size NO NO


1 - Forty Winks Exchange applies to only 2 of the mattress brands. 'Serta' and 'Silent Partner'
2 - Bedshed As mattresses are normally sold at a sale price, this mean additional charges to exchange.
3 - Snooze No exchange policy
4 - Beds n Dreams No exchange policy
5 - Sleepys No outlets in WA / Full RRP for replacement applies only when original mattrees costs under $1000
6 - Relax Bedding Relax reserves the right to refuse more than one exchange, at it's discretion.


1. Visit a Store with a Diverse Selection:

- Ensure the store offers a variety of mattress types (memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, etc.).

- Confirm that the store carries mattresses within your budget range.

2. Bring Your Pillow:

- Select a pillow in the store that is similar to your preferred one, or bring your own from home. Use this for testing the mattresses

3. Quick Firmness Test:

- Test a range of mattresses by lying on your back for a quick assessment of firmness.

- Make a note of the firmness levels that feel most comfortable for you.

4. Narrow Down Choices

- Based on the quick firmness test, select a shortlist of mattresses that match your preferred level.

- Consider any additional features or technologies that may affect your choice (e.g., cooling gel, motion isolation).

- Keep track of your favorite mattress as you test others. Compare each one to see if it surpasses your current top pick. This way, you'll narrow down your choices effectively.

5. Thorough Testing

- Lie on each potential mattress in various positions, especially your preferred sleeping positions (side, back, stomach).

- Lie on each potential mattress in various positions, especially your preferred sleeping position.

- Take note of how the mattress feels in each position and ensure it provides adequate support to maintain your normal posture.

6. Final Selection Process:

- Test your preferred mattresses in your normal sleeping positions, focusing on relaxation and alignment.

- Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel how your body settles into the mattress.

- Ensure the mattress is touching all of your body without pushing you out of position, and maintains your spinal alignment.

Additionally, if you're testing with a partner:

- Discuss preferences and find a compromise if there are differing opinions on the best mattress.

- Consider mattresses with dual firmness options if significant differences cannot be reconciled.

Remember, it's important to spend sufficient time on each step to ensure you make the best choice for your comfort and sleep quality. Happy mattress shopping!