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Wooden Furniture

Paddington 3 Drawer Bedside Table in Malaga Perth Western Australia Acacia


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Paddington Drawer Bedside Table
$31600 AUD $39500 AUD
Caraway Bedframe With Drawers
From $1,26700 AUD $1,69000 AUD
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Celeste Bedside Table
$44200 AUD $59000 AUD
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Cargo Vintage Wooden Bedframe
From $1,11200 AUD $1,39000 AUD
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Wooden Bedroom Furniture: The Essence of Homeliness & Elegance

Do you wish to immerse your home in the timeless beauty and ​​quality of premium wooden bedroom furniture? Relax Bedding is your answer, providing the perfect solution to all your furnishing needs, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, all while giving-off ​​ a warm and inviting ambience

Relax Bedding: Premium Wooden Bedroom Suites

Wood, known for its durability, hardness, toughness, and resilience, undeniably enhances the aura of any room or even an entire house. Integrating wooden bedroom suites brings comfort and sophistication, instilling a pleasant atmosphere in your Western Australian home.

Durability & Strength

Choosing wooden furniture ensures longevity and robustness, which is crucial when selecting pieces like dining tables, sofas, or wardrobes.

Homely Aesthetic

The wooden aesthetic adds a touch of warmth and elegance, creating a welcoming vibe.


Wooden furniture is an eco-friendly choice, benefiting our environment.

Customisation & Uniqueness

 Each piece is distinct and can be tailored to individual preferences.

Versatility & Easy Maintenance

 Suitable for various decors and simple to upkeep.

Exclusive Features of Relax Bedding’s Wooden Furniture

Australian-Made Quality

Our mattresses & ensembles boast local, superior craftsmanship.

Affordable & Independent

Avoid franchise fees and enjoy more reasonable prices.

60 Years of Expertise

 Our team’s combined experience ensures you receive knowledgeable guidance.

Trustworthy Suppliers & Satisfied Customers

 We collaborate with renowned local companies and hold ​a top rating in Google, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

Cargo Pine Wood Dresser: Classic Style & Ample Storage

The Cargo Pine Wood Dresser hypes ​​your space with a timeless style, offering extensive storage with 6 drawers. It’s the ideal piece to declutter your bedroom, creating a more peaceful ​​and relaxed environment.

  • Material: Pine with metal handles
  • Features: Drawers operate on metal runners
  • Dimensions: 100cm W x 45cm D x 121cm H

Cargo Wood Vintage Bedside Table: A Blend of Vintage Flair & Practicality 

Introduce a retro touch ​​to any room with the Cargo Wood Bedside Table. This nightstand provides lot of ​​storage with 3 drawers, keeping your bedroom clutter-free and timeless ​​.

  • Material: Pine with metal handles
  • Features: Drawers operate on metal runners
  • Machine Washable
  • Dimensions: 63cm W x 67cm H x 43cm D

Cargo Bedframe: A Touch of Vintage Simplicity

Elevate your bedroom’s aesthetic with our vintage-style bed frame, available in king and queen sizes, adding a touch of class and simplicity to your space.

  • Material: Pine Wood
  • Dimensions:
    • King: 199cm W x 228cm L x 136cm H
    • Queen: 169cm W x 228cm L x 136cm H

Unparalleled Superiority of Wooden Furniture

At Relax Bedding, we believe in the unparalleled superiority of wooden furniture. Each piece is a unique combination ​​of versatility, sustainability, and easy maintenance, providing an exceptional blend of aesthetic appeal and functional utility. From the beautiful grains to the robust frame, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure you receive the finest wooden bedroom suites.

Endearing Ambiance & Timeless Appeal
Our commitment is to bring to the residents of Perth and Western Australia a collection that will meet their practical needs and craft an endearing ambience and timeless appeal in every home. With Relax Bedding, immerse your living spaces in the exquisite charm of premium wooden bedroom furniture, reflecting a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Choose Relax Bedding: Where Elegance Meets Comfort

By choosing Relax Bedding, you opt for an enriching experience where elegance meets ​​with comfort. Dive into our wide ​​collection and transform your home with our exquisite range, infused ​​ with timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort. Welcome to a world where your home becomes a sanctuary of warmth and sophistication.

Explore & Transform
Ready to revamp your space with the timeless beauty and enduring appeal of Relax Bedding? Explore our diverse range and let your home resonate with the eloquence and charm of premium wooden bedroom suites!