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Wanna Be Cool in Bed?

Wanna Be Cool in Bed?

Many people who live in Perth are claiming to be hot under the covers. They like to think that they are “Hot in Bed.” Unfortunately, this is mainly due to Perth’s sizzling summer temperatures. If you are living in Perth and looking for some relief from the heatwave we’ve been experiencing, read on!

Here are some effective ideas designed to keep you cool in bed and get a more restful sleep:

    • Purchase a mattress that utilize the latest technologies to help reduce the temperature.
    • If available in the bedroom, use your air conditioner.
    • Use a fan to move the air around. You can also set it up to blow through pillowslips filled with ice. Remember to put a container underneath to filter the melted water from the ice.
    • Fill your hot water bottle with iced water.
    • Sleep with only a light sheet over you or none at all. Approximately 70% of body heat goes out the top.
    • Wear light cotton night wear; this is better than wearing nothing, as the cotton absorbs perspiration.
    • Turn off any electrical devices especially incandescent light bulbs as they can produce heat.
    • Reduce bedroom temperature during sunlight hours by closing the blinds and/or curtains.
    • If it’s cooler outside, open the windows during the night and open an opposing door or window (if possible) to let the air flow through.
    • Avoid eating late meals or drinking alcohol; an active digestive system can make your body warmer.
    • A cool shower before bed can help keep you keep cool against the heat long enough to get yourself to sleep.

Aside from these tips, you can also make use of additional but helpful equipment to keep your temperature down when lying under the covers.

Check out the following products that help to feel cool in bed:

Protect A Bed Protectors

Staying cool in summer Tencel is hypoallergenic and made from wood based fibres

Coolmax Protectors

The coolmax protectors have the ability to remove perspiration quickly. It allows for a dryer and more comfortable room environment. They are available as mattress protectors and/or pillow protectors.

Cooling Gel Pillows

Cooling gel pillows contain additional gel mat to allow for a cooler environment for your head to rest on. Available in medium or high profile.

So there you have it. We hope you have a cooler and more comfortable sleep during the summer! Remember, at Relax Bedding, if you are not happy with the comfort or feel of the mattress you bought from us, we will be happy to exchange it within 100 days.(some conditions apply).