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How to Introduce a New Mattress to Your Slat Bed Frame

How to Introduce a New Mattress to Your Slat Bed Frame

So you want to introduce one of our mattresses to your slat bed frame? Could be a match made in bedding heaven.

Generally speaking, our mattresses get along with any bed frame. That said, there are still a few points to keep in mind.

Due to them being jam packed with quality materials, our mattresses require support.

Warranty conditions on the subject can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, however the consensus states that to ensure support, the gap between the slats should be no wider than 8 cm. Similarly, the stability of your slat bed frame also depends on the width of the slats – which should be 8 cm or wider. Pull out a tape measure, and see how yours measure up.

In our experience, insufficient support due to the size and spacing of the slats on a bed frame is rarely an issue. Centre support is what it’s really all about.

A common problem we see with imported slate bed frames is a lack of support through the centre of the frame, allowing the slats to bend and give when pressure and weight are applied.

If your slat bed frame and its ex-mattress have never had any support issues, it shouldn’t be a problem to pair up with a Relax Bedding mattress.

Determining if your slat bed frame is up to the task is vital, not only to keep your new mattress looking and feeling good, but to make sure it lives a long and happy life. And to ensure you comply with the warranty conditions of the mattress manufacturer.


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